logo-header-transparentThe building housing the Unterschweinstiege has a long tradition and history going back for more than 230 years. Below is a short glimpse at our history and the major events that taken place here over the decades. There have been ups and downs at the Unterschweinstiege, like everywhere else, that have made our restaurant what it is today. We hope you enjoy this little history lesson!




In the 14th century and for a long time afterwards, Frankfurt’s city forest was used much more for grazing than for timber. In the autumn months, pigs were driven out into the forest to forage for acorns and beechnuts.



On 30 May 1781, the city’s forestry office decided to build a stone piggery in the lower forest, hence the name of our restaurant: Unterschweinstiege, originally just a piggery for the pigs that would be driven into the forest to forage for tree nuts.



Eventually, a house was built next to the piggery for the forester, who later acquired a concession to run an inn out here. That inn is the predecessor of our current restaurant, the Unterschweinstiege.