We serve food that’s not only down-to-earth and traditional, but also extraordinary and distinctive.

Our goal is to create a unique taste experience with every dish we serve. As reflected in our menu, we see cookery not just as a trade, but also as art. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and change according to the season, thus offering new taste sensations to try out on each visit.

Green asparagus served in paper with baked beef tongue, mozzarella, tomato relish, shallots, lemon cress and aged balsamic syrup

16,00 €

Tarte with crème fraîche, goat cheese, pumpkin, shallots, pumpkin seeds, oregano, pumpkin seed oil, grilled black salsify, smoked mayonnaise and grassland herbs: served fresh from the oven

17,00 €

Marinated raw Pike Perch with kohlrabi, buckwheat, soured milk, mini cucumbers, shallots, chervil and chili

18,00 €

Freshly tenderized beef carpaccio with roasted mustard seeds, glazed potatoes, fried mushrooms, sea salt and basil cress


19,00 €

Please choose your salad from our buffet. We are also very pleased to arrange a plate for you

8,50 €

Tomato and mushroom essence with wild mushrooms, green onions, tomato salad, burrata, basil and truffles

12,00 €

Asparagus foam soup with codfish, wild asparagus, mozzarella cheese, lime cress and croûtons

12,50 €

Beef tartar, served with shallots, spring onions, capers, anchovies, egg, and roasted dark farmhouse bread

as a starter (120g)21,00 €


32,00 €

Beef tartar, served spicy with shallots, spring onions, capers, anchovies, egg yolk, chili jalapenos, Piment d'Espelette and roasted dark farmhouse bread

as a starter (120g)21,00 €


32,00 €

Fried seabass fillet, crust of bottarga, pumpkin foam, braised pumpkin, topinambour, lobster gravy


28,00 €

Fried whole sole with mashed potatoes, spinach and melted butter


39,00 €

Pickled Salmon Fillet, fried skin on, with radish, beans, green asparagus, confit potatoes and a Lovage jus

28,50 €

Fried whole Gilthead with warm zucchini salad, fennel, fried gnocchi, tomato jam and olive oil jus

39,00 €

Pepper crusted beef steak "Chef Choice" with mashed celery, confit celery, sweet and sour pumpkin, grassland herbs and pepper jus

36,00 €

350g Organic Pork Tomahawk with fried Norway lobster, wild broccoli, fried mustard cabbage, herbal rice spring roll, coriander cress and soy jus

39,00 €

Braised ox cheek served with organic carrots, mushrooms, shallots, mashed potatoes and gravy

25,00 €

Confit leg of a black feathered chicken with mashed peas and rutabaga, spinach, capers, parsley cress and port wine jus

26,00 €

"Wiener Schnitzel" breaded veal steak with capers, anchovies and lingonberries, served with fried potatoes with shallots

26,50 €

Duck Hot dog served in a rosemary potato bun with pointed cabbage, radish, fried shallot rings, pimento aioli, zucchini, carrots and fennel

28,00 €

500g Beef Rib cooked 48 hrs sous vide style, BBQ sauce, homemade French fries fried in duck fat, served with watercress salad

34,00 €

Venison Loin, smoked beet, blackened green onions, grilled romaine salad, potato-thyme fritters and madeira jus

36,00 €

Pizza "Unterschweinstiege" topped with tomatoes, organic cheese, olives, baby mangold, mint and thistle oil

19,00 €

Mini Penne with kale, wild broccoli, ricotta cheese, almonds, lemon, dried tomatoes, gratinated with parmesan cheese, served with a cress salad

21,00 €

Curd cheese waffle, Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, dates and lime sorbet

10,00 €

Red fruit compote trifle served in a glass with berries, mascarpone crème, crumble, mountain milk and yoghurt ice cream topped with lemon cress

11,00 €

Dulce de Leche served with warm brioche, marinated grapes and lemon balm. Served on a wooden plate.

12,00 €

Selection of German organic cheese with Monastrell wine marmelade, fresh figs and cress

12,50 €

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